Walking the Streets of Krakow

Lodz brought us closer to the beautiful rivers and parks Poland has to offer.

We left the springs of Tomaszow Mazowiecki to arrive in Krakow, Poland’s second largest city and one of the oldest.

Krakow is a popular tourist destination, known for its historic buildings and art museums.

Vistula River
Vistula River – Poland’s longest and largest river

One of the paths we took into the city was through a park overlooking the Vistula River.

Knowing that we initially saw the Vistula River on our First Day in Warsaw, brought our visit to Poland full circle.

Dog walking in Poland
Enjoying the beautiful weather
Wawel Castle
Inspiring structures of Wawel Castle
Wawel Castle Poland
Blue skies over Wawel Castle
Ulica Kanonicza the first street in Krakow
Buildings along Krakow’s oldest street
Nazaroff Brothers Live at the Krakow Jewish Festival
Nazaroff Brothers Live at the Krakow Jewish Festival
Big Red food truck
Big Red food truck
Wall art
Wall art in Karakow’s Jewish quarter