10 New Year’s Eve Latino Traditions You Should Try

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017! Most, if not the whole world, parties on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the start of the new year. It’s a time when people can start off fresh and are re-energized to start their resolutions. BUT – there is more to it if you are of Latin descent. There are over a dozen traditions that are performed when the clock strikes midnight and we will be reviewing the most popular ones. Ringing in the new year by celebrating like a Latino is an experience like no other.

1. Eating 12 grapes

While people are counting down the minutes, they are simultaneously collecting 12 grapes each. At midnight everyone eats their 12 grapes – one for good luck for each of the following months.

Eat 12 grapes

2. Wear red or yellow undies

Yes, that’s correct – underwear, briefs, panties. Wearing red undergarments gives you luck in love and wearing yellow undies brings luck in your personal finances.

3. Clean the house

December 31 is the Latino equivalent to Spring cleaning. This is to cleanse your home from any negativity and start off the new year fresh.

4. Suitcase around the block

If you want to travel in the new year then this one is for you. At midnight you have to walk around the block or home with your suitcase in tow. Want to know what to pack in your suitcase? Check out our travel gear section for tips on what to bring.

Suitcase luggage around the block

5. Hold some money

You want to be hold some bills in your hand at midnight to attract more money in the coming year. The higher the amount, the more money you will attract. Hey – it won’t hurt to try.

6. Water out the window

Throw a bucket of water out the window (bonus points if you hit someone – just kidding!) to signify renewal. The water symbolizes tears you’d like to get rid of before welcoming the new year.

7. Get ahold of some lentils

Take a handful of uncooked lentils and place them in your pocket, purse, wallet and anywhere you’d like to see money prosper.

8. Gold in your champagne

Some families celebrate the beginning of the new year by toasting with glasses filled with champagne and a small gold object. This is another ritual for prosperity. Be careful not to swallow the gold!

New Year's Eve Toast

9. Up and down

Want to get married soon or looking for the special someone? As the new year begins, sit and stand up three times consecutively.

10. Light it on FIRE

In many countries, life-sized rag dolls are made to symbolize the old year. Say goodbye to the old year by lighting it on fire! Safety first!

Do you have any favorite new year traditions?

10 Popular Latino New Year's Eve Traditions