Chiang Mai Photo Blog

Out of all our destinations Chiang Mai checked all the boxes for a relaxing, beautiful, and budget city. When we first heard of the city it was because it was a central hub for expats and digital nomads, and we continued to hear about it many times from family and friends. However, having visited Bangkok and seen one too many Hangover movies, we were uncertain if this so called paradise would meet our expectations. Something about nightclubs and “ping pong” shows don’t appeal to us, in fact ping pong should not involve anything other than two paddles. When the airport taxi pulled up to our hostel and we were greeted by the friendly folks at Diva 2 guesthouse, the city started to rapidly grow on us.

Which is all very well, spending a day bathing and feeding elephants is something one can get used to. Check out the photos below for a recount of our time in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai lemon grass farm
Cooking school in the middle of a lemon grass farm
Red curry ingredients
Getting ingredients prepared for red curry
Red curry made from scratch
Finished red curry with curry paste made from scratch
Sammy's organic cooking school
Chicken soup, pad thai, and green curry
Sammy's organic cooking school
Leaving Sammy’s Organic Cooking School and heading back to the old city
Elephant mural
Elephant mural


Painted wall
Painted wall
Tapae Gate Chiang Mai
Tapae Gate is a great place to meet others or grab a taxi
Chiang Mai Thailand
Red umbrellas decorate the street in front of this restaurant
Chiang Mai temple
Beautiful temple in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai temple
Temples are around every corner
Chiang Mai temples
Every temple is slightly different, this one has a tower of elephants
Chiang Mai night market
Shopping at the night market
Chiang Mai night market
Looking for a pair of elephant pants
Chiang Mai night market dog
Shopkeeper had a somewhat confused looking dog
Chiang Mai night market
Hand painted elephants and handicrafts can all be found at the night market
Chiang Mai street food
Coconut jelly and water for dessert
Chiang Mai night market
Colorful paintings line the center of the street
Chiang Mai Diva 2 Guesthouse
The view from the balcony of our guesthouse
Pad thai and red curry
Pad thai and red curry at the local restaurant came out to only $4